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Willie's Remedy Decaf 8oz 250mg Coffee

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Willie’s Remedy Decaf 8oz Coffee, 250mg CBD

This product has been discontinued 

This rich coffee is naturally decaffeinated without the use of chemicals and makes a full-bodied cup with flavors of chocolate syrup and a mild acidity. 

Willie’s Remedy coffee is carefully selected and roasted, then infused with certified organic, full-spectrum hemp oil grown in Colorado. 

Infusion Strength

Coffees are infused at a ratio of approximately 1mg of CBD per 1g of coffee beans.

Size Options

Coffee is available in 8oz bags with 250mg of CBD and as whole bean or freshly ground.

Dosage and Brewing

The amount of coffee grounds used in the brewing process will greatly affect the average dose of CBD in a serving of Willie’s Remedy coffee. An average serving will have approximately 15mg of CBD. We recommend brewing in a French press or using a metal mesh filter.

Decaf Coarse

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Decaf Whole Bean

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