CBD Piggy

CBD Piggy has joined forces with professional skateboarder Eli Reed to raise awareness about the benefits of cannabis!

Crash Flow Healing Oil was developed for athletes struggling with aching muscles and joints. We believe products like ours will revolutionize pain treatment forever. Say goodbye to big pharma and hello to CBD Piggy!

Use this oil for aches or throbbing pain, stiff joints, bruises, redness & swelling, headaches, dry or scarred skin, body odor, and more. Patch test for very sensitive skin.

Crash Flow Healing Oil is made with proven medicinal plant extracts, well-respected in the skincare industry for treating sensitive skin issues and more. Experience the power of mother nature’s finest medicines with every application!

This oil is based on our body oil. We added the following ingredients to add to the therapeutic benefits and impart a pleasant scent.


Blue Chamomile Co2 Extract
Bisabolol- Enhances delivery into the skin
Farnesene- An anti-spasmodic and muscle relaxant.
Matricin- A unique anti-inflammatory.
Apigenin- Binds to the same receptors as benzodiazepine drugs, relaxant and possible pain reliever.

Sandalwood Oil
Alpha Santanol & Beta Santanol-
A magnificent perfume and skin inflammation reducer. Has evidence of inducing
cancer cell death.

CBG- Mother of all cannabinoids.
Alpha- Pinene- An antimicrobial
and possible pain reliever.
Beta-Selinine – An antioxidant,
anti-inflammatory and analgesic.
Gamma-curcumene- Anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial, especially against
candida albicans.

Boswellic acid- Helpful against arthritis.

Rose Co2 Extract
Known for helping with skin problems,
depression, and hormonal issues, imparts
luxurious and therapeutic scent.



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