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Elev8 Hemp Whole Bean 500mg CBD Coffee

by Elev8

Elev8 Hemp Whole Bean 500mg CBD Coffee

Comes in (3) blends:
French Vanilla
Hazelnut Creme

FAIR TRADE COFFEE BEAN BLEND WITH 500 mg of CBD – Our artisan coffee is made with a rich blend of Colombian, Brazilian and Guatemalan coffee beans infused with a water soluble CBD isolate. These aromatic coffee beans are Fair Trade Certified and give a delightful flavor to your morning cup of coffee. Pour this CBD infused beverage into your favorite mug for your morning pick me up and an added boost of nutrients.

PERFECT FOR A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE – Elev8’s medium roast coffee tastes great without sugar-filled, high fat creamers. Our artisan coffee provides a water soluble CBD isolate to those looking to lead a healthier lifestyle. You won’t have to forgo your morning cup of joe to lead a healthy life.