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Enzy Monk


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Nutriling "Enzy monk" is a selection of enzymes to improve the root zone. Getting rid of old roots, making nutrients available, and faster-growing plants are the primary functions of the "Enzy monk." 

Enzymes actively boost or "catalyze" the breakdown of organic matter into other forms. In the natural soil environment, enzymes break down old roots and convert molecules into food plants that can assimilate and use. 

If you were growing outdoors in the healthiest, most fertile soil, your plants' roots would be in touch whit billions of beneficial microbes that produce enzymes. These enzymes constantly break down dead roots, other organic matter, and unused nutrients. They transform them into materials your plants use for fuel to make more vigorous growth and maximize yields. The presence of enzymes in the root zone is why outdoor plants get so huge and productive.

But you can't just throw in any enzymes. It would be best to give your root zone the most suitable enzymes for the job.

First, dissolve 40 g in 1 liter of water and stir to obtain a working solution.