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Koi 10mg Hemp Infused Beverage

by Koi

Koi 10mg Hemp Infused Beverage

Koi Hemp beverage is sourced from municipal water and processed using an advanced water purification system. We use the perfect blend of domestically sourced ingredients, minerals, electrolytes, and hemp formulation to provide superior cellular hydration. Koi’s proprietary hemp formulation ensures complete homogenization and maximum bioavalibility. Metered dosing is a thing of the past – all bottles are perfectly infused with 10mg of Koi Hemp.

All Koi hemp beverages are independently. tested by ISO/IEC accredited laboratory and undergoes a comprehensive PHASE III testing to ensure the Koi Standard of quality, potency, and safety are met.

0% THC

Made in USA

12 fl oz

Kiwi Strawberry
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