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Motaña CBD 750mg Broad Spectrum Melatonin Soft Gels


Motaña CBD 750mg Broad Spectrum Melatonin Soft Gels

Motaña CBD+ Melatonin SoftGels are created with our proprietary PhytoCannabinoid Rich Broad-Spectrum water-soluble CBD and melatonin in a microemulsion form. The Nano-sized droplets of Cannabidiol and Melatonin make these botanical actives easy to absorb into the bloodstream and finally get a restful night’s sleep.

The water-soluble formulation inside these softgels is composed of a Nano-Emulsion based delivery system, truly synergistic, leveraging multiple botanical actives through various pathways.

In fact, research has found that CBD works synergistically with melatonin, a naturally occurring hormone that tells the body it is time to sleep. Melatonin is created in the pineal gland and helps regulate the sleepwake cycle, which can be disrupted by factors from stress, insomnia, alcohol, or too much ambient light before bed (Piccirillo, 2007, Rupp, 2006, Jung, Y. & St. Louis, E.K., 2016).