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RESTORE Triphala and Turmeric Full Spectrum CBG Oil Tincture (750 mg)


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Restore is a dynamic and unique Full Spectrum Ayurvedic CBG Tincture Blend that is dedicated to Gut Rehabilitation and Rejuvenation.

 Restore is rich ingredients of Triphala, Turmeric, Vegetable Glycerin, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract and the plants natural Terpenes creates the most extraordinary space of hormone and mood balancing, probiotic, ease of digestion, healing and drying up oozing open wounds, anti fungal, anti bacterial, anti septic and full body relaxation.  Triphala also helps in migraines, eating disorders, weight loss and weight gain and tackles many low vibrational stressors such as self image self doubt and promotes self love and care. 


The taste is unprecedented! Unlike anything on the market to date!