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Indulge in a refreshingly sweet flavor while you enjoy the 3g of Live Resin in CBD Pharm's disposable! Featuring a rechargeable battery for a discreet, on-the-go experience, this CBD powerhouse is sure to make you feel out of this world! (Note to self: don't forget the spaceship!)

Lucid Blue: Sativa, D8/HHC/D10/THCB

Ruby Slipper: Indica, D8/HHC/THCM/CBN/THCP

Jelly Donutz: Hybrid D8/HHC/THCV & CBD

Kush Mountains Indica: D8/HHC/THCM/CBN & THCP

Tres Leches Cakes Hybrid D8/HHC/THCV & CBD

COA Lucid Blue

COA Ruby Slipper

COA Jelly Donutz

COA Kush Mountains

COA Tres Leches Cakes Hybrid




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