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Experience the pinnacle of cannabis enjoyment with Fuego's THC-A/P D9 Disposable. This sleek and convenient device offers a curated blend of THC-A and Delta-9 (D9) cannabinoids, delivering a potent and invigorating experience with every inhale. The cutting-edge technology ensures a smooth and consistent vapor, allowing users to savor the rich flavors and therapeutic benefits of THC-A and D9 without the hassle of refills or charging. Crafted for on-the-go enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike, Fuego's Disposable promises a discreet and powerful cannabis encounter, setting a new standard for convenience and quality in the world of THC vaping. Ignite your senses and elevate your moments with Fuego's THC-A/P D9 Disposable.

Blueberry Crack – Sativa

Sunset Sherbert – Hybrid

Mimosa Haze – Indica

Green Crack – Sativa

 Fire OG – Indica




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