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Sili x Urb THCP D9 HTE Gummies 9000MG

Sili x Urb THCP D9 HTE Gummies 9000MG

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For those with extremely high tolerances, this moon shot gummy is made with organic ingredients, boosted with high terpene extract, Delta 8 & 9 THC and enhanced with THCP. Each gummy is packed with 300mg of cannabinoids, with a total mg of 9,000 per jar, giving you the best price per mg.

Lemon Lime - Indulge in the zesty harmony of tangy lemon and vibrant lime.  A burst of citrusy bliss in each gummy.

Strawmelon - Savor the sweet nostalgia of summer, crafted to capture the ripe juiciness of freshly-picked strawberries.

Peach Berry - Experience the light, fruity flavor of peach,  intertwined with the tartness of mixed berries.

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