THCA Iced Diamonds is the newest 3ML disposable from Urb.

This unique blend combines the highly demanded THCA Live Diamonds concentrate with the chill, refreshing effect of menthol.  This combination creates a smooth hit with a cool finish – especially advantageous for those who appreciate a harmonious balance between the invigorating and relaxing elements of their cannabis experience. Paired specifically with fruity terpenes, our exclusive lineup of strains, including Blue Freeze, Watermelon Chill, and Frosted Strawberry, offer a unique and invigorating journey for cannabis enthusiasts. Notably, THCA Iced Diamonds stands as a pioneering product, representing the very first of its kind to introduce menthol-infused disposables into the cannabis industry.

THCA Iced Diamonds is the choice for an out of this world sensation.  Discover the perfect chill with Blue Freeze, Watermelon Chill, and Frosted Strawberry and elevate your moments with Urb.



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