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Botanicals Variety (5 Pack)

Botanicals Variety (5 Pack)

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·Rose ·Lotus ·Gojiberry ·Sage ·Cocoa

The best of the Botanical world - all in one pack!  Each pack contains 1 of each of our exclusive flavors - The exotic Rose and Lotus, along with our Goji Berry, Sage and Cocoa cones.  This variety pack allows for you to try them all, while helping you decide which ones you want to chief in the future.  All packs come with a 62% humidity pack and bamboo packing sticks.  With the humidity pack, the cones will stay fresh in the package for up to 6 months.

Rose & Lotus cones hold about 2 grams of herb in each.

Goji Berry, Sage and Cocoa hold about one gram of herb in each.



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